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How to Find the Water Service Company to Suit your Needs


We make decisions every day. Some are small like, whether to choose vanilla or chocolate ice cream, while other decisions can have a major impact on our health, comfort and well-being. And just like everything else in life, making the right decision about which water company to choose takes careful deliberation and planning. Keep reading to learn more about how to find water supply solutions in Calgary that fit your requirements.


The first step to choosing the right water company for you is identifying your needs. Consider the following:

  • Are you trying to fill a seasonal or recreational water need?

  • Do you have a special event coming up? 

  • Do you live in an area with no access to the city’s water supply? 

  • Do you need drinking water for your Calgary farm or worksite? 

  • How will you dispose of waste water?

  • Why do you need water services and what will you use the water for? 

Thinking about these questions will help you decide what type of water solutions you need, the quantity of water you’ll require and whether or not you need ongoing delivery.


Once you’ve taken stock of your own needs, you can move on to deciding whether or not a water services company offers what you’ll require. Whether you need water solutions in Calgary to fill your residential, commercial or seasonal needs, you should always consider the following when choosing a supplier:

  • Are they certified?

  • Are they using environmentally responsible waste-water disposal methods?

  • Can they supply water to work-sites or rural locations?

  • Do they have a reputation for excellent customer service?

  • Do they have a reputation for timely delivery?

  • Do they seem professional and trustworthy? 

  • How far outside of the city limits will they deliver?

  • How much experience do they have?

  • Is their equipment new and in good repair?

  • What kind of trucks/equipment do they have?

  • What kinds of services do they offer?

  • When it comes to their delivery schedule, do they offer plenty of options?

  • Will they supply water for one time special events? 

When you need potable water solutions in Calgary for your residential, commercial and recreational use, visit Alberta Water Services. We provide incredible customer service, reliable water delivery and a commitment to environmentally sustainable business practices. And we’re certified by Alberta Health Services as a potable water hauler so you can count on our fast, friendly and professional team to deliver a consistent supply of fresh drinking water to your location.

Contact Alberta Water Services in Calgary today to learn more about how we can help you with your recreational, seasonal and drinking water needs or get a no-obligation quote today.


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