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Have your cistern or water storage tank filled by Alberta Water Services. Our potable water can be safely used for irrigation, fire suppression, farming, dust suppression, filling a swimming pool or pond, and many other uses. To put it simply, when you need a whole lot of water in a short amount of time, just turn to Alberta Water Services and we’ll be there to quickly fill your cistern and water storage tanks in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

Having a ready supply of potable water on your property is extremely useful for:

Drinking water

Everyday cleaning tasks

Watering a vegetable garden

Watering your lawn

Filling a spa or hot tub

Keeping livestock hydrated

Dust control


Washing a car or boat

…and much more

Are you looking for a reliable supply of drinking water, or simply need to irrigate your crops or vegetable garden during a dry spell? Whether you have an above-ground or below-ground water storage tank, Alberta Water Services can fulfill your request. Some of our most common requests are to fill cisterns and water storage tanks ranging from 1,500 to 9,500 litres, but quantity is never an issue; we can fulfill virtually any water delivery order — and do it fast! Contact Alberta Water Services for water deliveries in Calgary and all of the surrounding areas.

Water Well Flooding and Rejuvenation

One of the most effective ways of bringing under-producing water wells back to life is by flooding them with potable water. Flooding a well is one of the least labour-intensive ways of removing sediment blockages and mineral deposits — both common causes of well failures. For an estimate, simply give us a call at any time.

Cistern Sanitizing

Has it been a while since you’ve had your cistern sanitized ? Each year, you should have a profession come out and sanitize your cistern at least once in a 12-month period. Health Canada recommends more frequent sanitizing for restaurants and homes or businesses with women who are pregnant, nursing, or mixing baby formula with water from the cistern. 


The team at Alberta Water Services offers shock chlorination and potable water deliveries to Calgary and all of the surrounding areas. We will perform a 10-point visual inspection before removing bacteria, pathogens, and contaminants from your cistern. This ensures the shock chlorination can be performed effectively and your cistern is safe to use.

Call Us

To learn more about our filling and cleaning services water cisterns and storage tanks, call Alberta Water Services , today!


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