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It’s a fact: Many area contractors, farmers and homeowners have seasonal projects that require more water than they have immediately available. Are you are preparing a construction site, increasing your water load for thirsty crops and livestock, or updating your property’s water feature? Let Alberta Water Services take care of your water supply in Calgary. Our water hauling and delivery services are timely and dependable so you can focus on all the other tasks at hand. Alberta Water Services will take care of the supply of clean water, no matter the season or reason. From swimming pools in summer to skating rinks in winter, we are here to not only make your life easier but also more fun.

Water Delivered Directly to Your Site

Whether you are managing a large building site or landscaping your home’s backyard, Alberta Water Services has a variety of trucks to haul the water volume you need and the space you have. You can request our water delivery to any Calgary property for your commercial, agricultural or residential needs for such seasonal projects as:

Compaction and Dust Control – Construction, Landscaping and Demolition

As an excavator, building contractor or landscaper, you know that properly compacting the soil you work with is important to the entire stability of your finished work. Whether you need support for a foundation, walkway or patio, we provide the soil-compacting services you need. Are clearing land or doing demolition before a project begins? Alberta Water Services will keep your work site safer and cleaner with professional dust control. Each of our trucks contains 3,000 gallons of water, along with spray bars for mass spraying and water cannons for spraying a specific area.

Increased Watering – Farming

If you need water delivery to your crops or livestock, we can provide trucks with various lengths of hoses and types nozzles to deliver the particular water supply your Calgary farm needs. From rapid release to fill water tanks to spray bars for dust control, Alberta Water Services can do the job of protecting your property and profits during the protracted dry spells of a Calgary summer. We are also members of the Disaster & Drought Relief Contractors & Service Providers program through the government of Alberta.

Filling of Water Features – Ponds, Waterfalls and More

Are you adding a water feature to enhance the beauty and value of your property? Alberta Water Services makes filling your pond, waterfall or fountain a breeze when we deliver the water supply to your Calgary location. Our water hauling service is equipped with trucks of many sizes and weights, including tandem an axle truck able to hold 2,500 gallons, to fit onto your site and to meet your volume requirements.

Request Your Seasonal Water Supply in Calgary

Alberta Water Services is ready to supply the water you need for any project during any season. Call us at 403-204-1444 .


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