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You might know how expensive, disruptive and dirty a backed-up drain or sewer pipe can be. If you haven’t had to learn the hard way, you are either lucky or have had the drain specialists of Alberta Water Services perform your drain cleaning in Calgary. We have the professional experience and modern technology to solve your commercial drain problems. In fact, drain cleaning is one of our top priorities in serving our commercial customers. Why? Because drain maintenance is the first line of defence in preventing sanitation disasters and damaged pipes. 

Clean drains can help prevent issues such as:


Line breaks


Slow draining

Water and sewage overflow

Our Plumbers Take Care of the Details

At Alberta Water Services, we use both traditional and high-tech methods to keep your drains clean and clear from debris. When doing drain cleaning in Calgary, we pay close attention to the smallest of details in order to avoid costly service calls and repairs later that will inconvenience you, your employees, and your customers.

Do you manage properties, run a restaurant, or own any type of business? If so, do you really know what goes down your drains on any given day? Here is some of the stuff our equipment can remove from a slow or clogged drain:

Calcium deposits and lime

Leachate deposits

Grease and food debris

Clay, sand, silt and sludge

Household items

Grout and paint


Steel scale

Tar and wax

Regular Drain Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Alberta Water Services recommends regular drain maintenance programs to avoid messy backups that interrupt your business and cost you in cleanup and repairs. Before trouble starts, our drain cleaners focus on areas that cause frequent problems, such as:

Tree roots

Frequent hair, grease and paper buildup

Dips in lines

Kitchens, toilets, and laundry areas

Grease traps and interceptors

Backwater valves

Sanitary sewer lines

Saving You Money on Bigger Problems

We can also save you headaches and money if a thorough cleaning doesn’t give you free-flowing drains. Your problem may not be a simple clog of grease, hair or sludge. You may have interior corrosion that requires repair but is hard to pinpoint. Contact us for a video camera inspection before you take up a floor, sidewalk or paving to find your drainage problem.

24-Hour Drain Cleaning in Calgary

For expert drain cleaning services, call Alberta Water Services today! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency drain cleaning in Calgary. For non-emergency service, simply phone or email for more information and a no-obligation quote for all the necessary work.


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