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For fresh, potable water delivery, Calgary homes and businesses turn to Alberta Water Services. With our team, it’s easy to request bulk water delivery in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Simply give us a call and we will bring a supply of fresh drinking water to your home, business, or worksite. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure our customers have a fresh supply of water whenever it is needed. The truck-mounted tanks we use to deliver water are sterile and are never used for any other purpose than to deliver potable water. This means a fresh supply of water is always assured.

Quality Water Always Assured

Because our water is drawn straight from the City of Calgary’s own drinking water supply, you can be assured it has been dutifully filtered and stringently tested. Bulk water is perfect for a range of applications, including:

Filling swimming pools

Flooding and rejuvenating water wells


Dust control

Filling ponds and water features

Watering garden plants

Bulk food preparation


Filling spas and hot tubs

Emergency water supplies


…and much more

With 24/7 water deliveries, Alberta Water Services is always available to provide a managed emergency response. This can include failing crops due to drought, fighting wildfires, or having a fresh supply in the event of a flood or other natural disaster.

Even if you’re simply looking to fill your hot tub, spa, swimming pool, or to create an ice skating rink, the team at Alberta Water Services is always ready to serve you. We have four water trucks capable of delivering around-the-clock service to the city and the surrounding areas.

Get Bulk Water Delivery in Calgary

Having a fresh supply of water delivered by a trusted source is an essential part of staying healthy and completing projects. Alberta Water Services can supply water to your cistern, storage tank, well, swimming pool, or any purpose that requires a large quantity of potable water. Our water is sourced directly from the City of Calgary’s drinking water supply, ensuring it is safe, filtered, and ready for use.

Since Alberta Water Services operates 24 hours a day, we can deliver fresh water to Calgary’s homes and businesses at any time. To request bulk water delivery, call Alberta Water Services at 403-204-1444 today! We’re here to providing the best in water handling solutions to Calgary and the surrounding areas.


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