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We drink it, bathe in it, splash it, and clean with it. And, after air, it is the second most essential item that keeps us alive. Yes, we’re talk about water. In delivering water solutions to Calgary and the surrounding areas, Alberta Water Services is available 24 hours a day to bring fresh water supplies to your door, field, or wherever you need potable water.

It is our company’s mission to deliver fast, cost-effective water solutions to Calgary and the surrounding towns and cities. We strive to ensure high quality customer service and satisfaction by always having fresh, potable water available for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. We also provide services for cisterns and water tank deliveries to ensure you always have a fresh supply of water.

Our goal is to satisfy customers time and again with the quality of our products, the reliability of our team, and the emphasis we place on serving customers to the best of our abilities. We don’t just deliver water; Alberta Water Services brings real water solutions to Calgary families, including water well flooding, shocking, and cistern cleaning. Whether you need water to fill your cistern , for recreational purposes, or on a seasonal basis, you can always count on Alberta Water Services!

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5572 53 Ave SE, Calgary, AB, T2C 5G8

Main: 403-204-1444


Alberta Water Services is certified by Alberta Health Services as a potable water hauler. We draw our water from the City of Calgary’s drinking water, which is regarded as some of the best in the country.

Water Services for Any Purpose

Need water for recreational use ? We are more than capable sending a water delivery to assist with:

Swimming pools

Skating rinks

Hot tubs and spas

Need water on a seasonal basis ? We can provide any year-round water service for use in:

Compaction and dust control


Pond and waterfall fills

Need to create a sustainable water supply on site? We are experts at cistern and tank pumping and filling , as well as cistern cleaning and well shocking . And, if you are ever in need of professional septic tank services , we’re always just a call away.

Whether you need water for your recreational facility, farming, or business, we are ready to provide it. As experts in the field, we know the importance of clean, fresh water. Calgary residents won’t be let down once they enlist any of our services:



Cistern and tank

Septic tank

Drinking water

Plumbing and heating

Water Day In & Day Out

Having a consistent water supply is important. If need be, we encourage you to take advantage of our 24-hour on-call service. With four water trucks and a trusted staff, Alberta Water Services can ensure your need for fresh Calgary water will be satisfied around the clock.

Environmentally Friendly

Alberta Water Services is keeping Calgary water clean by keeping it green. For all our services, we dump all wastewater and other contaminants at an approved site or facility. The water in Calgary is important to all of us, and we are committed to creating a sustainable water supply for future generations. Call us to learn more about our services today!


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