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For years, Alberta Water Services has operated the water trucks Calgary can depend on for personalized service and timely delivery. We have four water trucks ready to deliver both potable and non-potable water for commercial, agricultural and residential uses. Don’t worry about your location or access problems. Our trucks are equipped to deliver on the off-road terrain at work sites and the tight spots in residential areas.

Do you need an emergency water supply in the Calgary area? Alberta Water Services is the company to call for 24-hour water hauling in the amounts you need.

Ready for Your Water Needs

Whatever your water needs from seasonal use to emergency purposes, Alberta Water Services is ready for water delivery to your Calgary location. Our fleet of trucks is well maintained and our operators are highly experienced. We have trucks for exclusive delivery of drinkable city water, or we can transport water from rivers, irrigation ditches and other sources of non-potable water. Our water trucks provide Calgary industries and residents with the exact volumes that meet their water needs while keeping delivery costs economical. Our truck sizes and weights include:

Tandem axle truck with a 2,500-gallon capacity

3,000-gallon capacity trucks with varieties of apparatus

Delivery to Calgary Area Homes

If you are connected to city water, you might still want an auxiliary water supply for emergencies. Are you adding a water feature to your backyard or need help in watering a large garden? Alberta Water Services provides homeowners and various contractors with residential water delivery. Some of the most popular uses for our water trucks include:

Well flooding and jump starting

Drought relief

Residential landscaping

Filling spas and pools – indoor and outdoor

Commercial and Agricultural Delivery

Does your construction site need water for dust suppression or drinking water for your workers? Has an unusually dry summer needing more water for irrigating crops or watering livestock? Alberta Water Services is prepared to help our commercial and agricultural clients with water trucks of many sizes and weights to meet your demand and reach your location. Our trucks for professional dust control are equipped with spray bars for mass spraying and water cannons for targeting specific area. From filling cisterns to compacting soil, our water trucks are equipped with all sizes and lengths of hoses and nozzles so we are prepared for any environment or purpose.

Call for Water Trucks in Calgary

Certified for water hauling in Calgary and available 24 hours a day, Alberta Water Services is ready to fill your home’s new swimming pool or provide drought relief for your family farm. In fact, we are proud members of Alberta’s Disaster & Drought Relief Contractors & Service Providers. To request water truck services, call us today!


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