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Dust Control Services


Commercial and industrial projects have specific water needs. Perhaps you need to create a flat, firm layer of surface soil before laying a parking lot. Or maybe your landscaping project requires potable water.

When your project needs water, trust Alberta Water Services. We're a certified water hauling company that provides soil compaction, dust control and landscaping water services throughout Alberta.

Soil Compaction and Dust Control

Many landscaping and construction projects go more smoothly with compact soil. Compacted soil won't blow up and create dust during demolition, which makes breathing harder and can pollute air and water elsewhere. Firm soil also makes it easier to install a patio, build a walkway or support a building.

Alberta Water Services provides dust control services in Calgary for contractors and landscapers, including government contractors. Our trucks hold 3,000 gallons of water each. They spray this water through pressurized spray bars to cover a mass area or use water cannons to target specific soil patches.

Make sure your landscaping or construction project succeeds by choosing Alberta Water Services. Call us at 403-204-1444 for dust control services in Calgary or other worksite water services. You can also fill out our contact form, and a member of our staff will respond to your request promptly.

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