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Are you a contractor on a site without access to water for your crew’s needs? As a homeowner or farmer, would an auxiliary supply of water make you feel more prepared for an emergency? For any reason and at all times, it’s a good idea to have your own supply of potable water on hand. And Alberta Water Services is ready to deliver safe, clean drinking water to Calgary area residential, agricultural and commercial clients.

Prepare for a drought or flood. Have enough water to sustain your livestock. Be ready to quench the thirst of a large crowd at a public event. Alberta Water Services provides a dependable, sustainable supply of fresh water all year round so you are prepared for any situation.

Why You Need Clean Drinking Water in Calgary

You never know when an emergency supply of drinking water could make a dry or contaminated well easier to survive. Regular deliveries of potable water can keep your construction crew safe and working efficiently. When it comes down to having an important commodity, clean water is the most basic in any season and for any event.

Let Alberta Water Service deliver the amount of clean water you need for a variety of uses, including:

1. Residential Drinking Water

If your property doesn’t have access to Calgary’s municipal water service, you have a choice of a well or cistern for your daily water supply. A cistern means you need regular delivery of potable water to guarantee you are well supplied. With a well, you may also want to have a water supply that you can always rely on if the well pump breaks or you need to dig a new one. Alberta Water Services also provides drinking water for Calgary clients connected to city water as a backup supply or for those who want an alternative to their tap water.

2. Water for Farms and Livestock

If you own a farm, you want to have a reliable source of clean water for both agricultural and household uses. With a separate supply to water your livestock, you can help avoid running a well dry and take assurance that fresh drinking water from Alberta Water Services is not contaminated by herbicides or bacteria. You can also call us for shock disinfection if your water source becomes contaminated on your property.

3. Water for Public Events

If your organization is preparing to host an outdoor concert, festival or other large public event, be prepared to provide your attendees with clean drinking water. Our water experts will help you order the right amount of water in portable tanks, and we schedule delivery at just the right time to keep your guests happy and your plans running smoothly.

Need Drinking Water in Calgary? Contact Us!

If you’d like potable water for your home, farm or event, Alberta Water Services is ready to help. Alberta Water Services is certified by Alberta Health Services as a potable water hauler. We draw our water from the City of Calgary’s drinking water, which is regarded as some of the best in the country.

We have trucks with large and small capacities, as well as storage options, such as portable tanks and cisterns, to meet your needs. Call us for friendly service and fast, reliable delivery today at 403-204-1444 . You can email us for more information too.


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