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Landscapers need water for many aspects of their work, and Alberta Water Services delivers water to meet those needs. We transport potable water to your landscaping worksite, which can include everything from golf courses to residential backyards and more. This water comes straight from the City of Calgary's drinking water supply. Once it's onsite, you use this stringently tested and filtered water how you want. The potable water we deliver is perfect for irrigating gardens and more.

If you need landscape irrigation in Calgary, rely on the experts at Alberta Water Services. Our years of experience and our fast, friendly and reliable services ensure your landscaping team will get the water they need to assure the residential or commercial property you’re working on is properly maintained.

Potable Water Uses for Landscape Irrigation

Water has innumerable uses that help sustain life. Beyond keeping you alive, water will make sure the lawn your company is working on remains a bright shade of green and the flowers you’ve planted don’t droop. With our landscape irrigation in Calgary, you can use our water delivery to:

Refresh newly planted trees, shrubs, and flowers

Moisturize manicured lawns

Fill water fountains or ponds

Hydrate workers

Our landscape irrigation in Calgary is suitable for both residential and commercial job sites. Whether you have a large or small crew or have a pressing need for large amounts of potable water, we will work with you to ensure your needs are met.

Timely & Dependable Water Delivery

Operating a fleet of water trucks, Alberta Water Services is proud to offer personalized and dependable deliveries. Whether your landscape crew is working on a golf course before opening hours in the morning or you’re working at a home in the middle of the day, you can rely on timely landscape irrigation deliveries from us. 

Our water trucks are capable of holding 2,500 – 3,000 gallons of water, so we can meet your landscape irrigation needs with ease. We work 24 hours a day so we can deliver potable water to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Environmentally Conscious Water Supply

Alberta Water Services takes the need for sustainable water practices seriously. If we have wastewater after a job, we dump it at an approved site. Our commitment to staying green helps ensure that future generations will have water too.

Request Landscape Irrigation Today

As a landscaper you know the importance of water to your job. If you’ve scheduled a landscaping job and have a need for potable water, call Alberta Water Services today for our landscape irrigation in Calgary. We look forward to serving you!


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