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5 Tips for Dust Control on Construction Sites

Dusty work space

Dust control on your construction site is more than a nice-to-have. Preventing dirt from whipping around the area and burdening the surrounding community is a certain way to position yourself as a company that’s more hireable. After all, no one wants to deal with an enterprise that allows dust to cake the entire neighbourhood. What’s more is, dust can damage your equipment, including phones and computers. Alberta Water Services can help by providing dust control services in Calgary—and other nearby areas—that keeps dirt contained. But the most effective dust control services / management requires more than just one approach. A combination of two or more of the following five suggestions will provide you the best all-around strategy.

1. Misted Water

Our water services come in handy for Calgary construction sites by providing a means to dampen earth that might otherwise become dry dirt and then be blown about. Our water delivery trucks provide misting services that help weight the soil at your Calgary site and thus prevent dusty messes from emerging. We’re careful to strike that fine balance between too much water and not enough, as erosion and runoff are just as problematic as dust.

2. Mulch

Another option for controlling dust on your construction site is to use a layer of mulch to keep soil in place. Simply lay the mulch over any loose earth and go about business as usual. When winds pick up, the dirt will stay grounded underneath.

3. Grass

In conjunction with misting and mulch, grass can help hold soil in place. The root system will keep earth compacted and once the blades spring up, the terrain is even more secure. Grass seed is inexpensive and easy to grow, with some varieties sprouting as quickly as within five days of being planted. Regular watering will hasten the growing process, a task Alberta Water Services is happy to help you accomplish.

4. Tackifiers

A tackifier is a sticky green substance that’s often used when growing a lawn to help prevent seeds from blowing away. On construction sites, they help keep dirt from becoming airborne, and can be used with or without grass seed.

5. Barriers

Preventing construction site dust from affecting the surrounding community is crucial to your company’s reputation. While placing dust barriers alongside the site is often not enough on its own, it can be a key component of your approach to protecting the neighbourhood. Barriers should be angled correctly and positioned in critical areas of your site. They can be built from a number of possible materials, but care needs to be taken to install them correctly.

Making dust management and dust control a priority for a current or upcoming project is necessary to keep employees, members of the community, and equipment happily motoring along. Let us help by providing you with dust control services in Calgary and beyond. Contact us today for a free quote.


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