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Alberta Water Services Provides Clean Water for Calgary

24 Hour On-Call Service
Here at Alberta Water Services, providing clean water for Calgary is what we do. We make it our mission to ensure high quality customer service and satisfaction by always having fresh, potable water available for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Customer service and satisfaction are our most important priorities and our goal is to keep you coming back because of our reliability and the quality of our products, as well as our experienced staff and modern equipment. We recognize that having a consistent water supply is important. That’s why we have four water trucks available to serve you and a 24 hour on-call staff for emergencies.

Water Services for Any Purpose
Regardless of your need for fresh Calgary water, we can accommodate any tanked water services you require. If you need water for recreational use, such as swimming pools or skating rinks, we are more than capable of assisting you. If you only need water in Calgary on a seasonal basis, we can provide you with year round water hauling for anything from dust control to pond and waterfall fills. And if you are looking to create a sustainable water supply on site, we are experts when it comes to cistern and tank pumping and filling, as well as septic tank services.

Recreational Services: Not only do we supply reliable water in Calgary for recreational facilities, but we can assist in maintaining whatever recreational water devices you employ.

Seasonal Services: No matter what you use water for, we are here to help. We are experienced in hauling  water for farming and livestock, sustaining clean pond and waterfall fills, and controlling dust for landscaping  and construction.

Cistern and Tank Services: Just as our water services extend beyond water hauling for recreational needs, so do our cistern and tank services. Of course we can supply you with as much water as you need to fill your cistern or water tank. We are also experts in well and cistern shocking, in-depth well and cistern inspections, and well rejuvenation.

Septic Tank Services: We have streamlined our process for pumping your septic tank in order to provide fast and efficient service. We are also prepared to fully service your septic tank through analysis, inspections, and cleaning.

Drinking Water Services: We supply drinking water in Calgary by providing potable water for water tanks and cisterns.

Commercial Plumbing Services: Commercial Plumbing is just another way we help keep Calgary water clean. We can clean and unclog drains, repair damaged pipes, and diagnose underground problems with our video camera technology.

Environmentally Friendly
Commercial holding tanks and manufacturing plants often need to transport large quantities of water from one place to another. Alberta Water Services is keeping Calgary water clean by keeping it green. Environmental safety is highly important to use. For all our services, we take care to dump all waste water and other contaminants at an approved site or facility. The water in Calgary is important to all of us, and we are committed to creating a sustainable water supply for future generations.