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Calgary Outdoor Ice Rink Flooding Services

It’s no secret that, as proud Canadians, the winter season holds a great number of traditions for us. It is also no surprise that at the very top of our winter activity list is outdoor skating. Whether we’re playing hockey with friends, practicing our figure skating routines, or enjoying a quiet, leisurely skate on a sunny weekend afternoon, we love all things ice! Why waste time searching for a packed municipal rink that likely won’t meet your specific needs, when you can easily have an ice rink in your own backyard? Simply give us a call and we’ll bring the water for your outdoor skating rink.

Outdoor Rink Maintenance

If you’re building an outdoor ice rink with a liner, you’ll need close to 5 truckloads of water. As time goes on, however, and the climate warms, your ice may start melting or evaporating. In this case, you’ll probably be calling us several times throughout the season looking for more loads.

This is why we recommend building and flooding your outdoor rink without a liner. While initial flooding will require more truckloads of water (around 8 loads), your rink will usually last well into the spring with no need for top-ups. This means you’ll actually be saving money, and reducing hassle, by leaving the liner out of the equation.

Outdoor ice rinks flooded without a liner use the cold ground as a natural refrigeration system, creating harder, better-quality, and longer-lasting ice that will be able to withstand the Chinooks.

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