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Trust Our Drain Camera Technology for Pipe Inspections in Calgary

Drain camera in Calgary

Alberta Water Services is proud to offer video camera inspection for pipes and drains in Calgary and surrounding rural areas. Our drain camera is a comprehensive and indispensable tool that is able to identify a multitude of problems that affect and damage your plumbing.

Our technicians use a snake camera that is both wireless and waterproof to film the inside of pipes. This technique provides a visual guide during plumbing service and quickly spots any existing or potential difficulties.

The way it works is that the camera is able to explore the entire stretch of drains and pipes to determine if there is deterioration or corrosion. The process allows our team to digitally map a plumbing system to see the condition of the pipe or drain in its entirety.

The drain camera tool is used to examine pipes and drains that are underground or below foundation in a manner that is both efficient and convenient.

The Benefits

Identify the problem: Video drain camera inspection can identify a wide range of issues including obstruction, cracks, misalignment, corrosion and more. The added benefit of this inspection is that visual imaging allows our technicians to know the severity of the problem so we know precisely how to repair it.

Save time: The drain camera captures the state of the plumbing quickly and efficiently in one brief yet extensive sweep.

Location: A view from the inside allows our team to not only pinpoint the problem but also locate exactly where it is. It eliminates the frustration of guessing the position of the blockage, damage or any other issue.

Prevention: A video drain camera inspection can shed light on emerging issues that could quickly become catastrophes. Our team can help in fending off major and expensive disasters while choosing the best course of action. Prevention is key to saving money, avoiding repairs and steering clear of unwanted frustrations.

Simple access: An added benefit of video camera drain inspection is that our team avoids having to take more invasive and complex actions like digging to inspect drains and pipes.

Beyond examining pipes and drains for blockages, video camera inspection has been used for finding lost jewellery and objects. This procedure can also be performed for potential clients during a property inspection to ensure the plumbing is up to code.

Our priority at Alberta Water Services is to not only supply fresh water but to ensure it flows in residential, commercial and industrial plumbing. Our video camera inspection provides unparalleled access and visuals so we can identify problems and make the necessary repairs.

Alberta Water Services is dedicated to serving its clients with exceptional professionalism, trust and care. If you are interested in video camera inspection for your household or commercial property or have any inquiries about water supply then please call 403-204-1444 or complete our contact form to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.


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