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The Benefits of Video Camera Pipe Inspection for Plumbing Problems

If you've ever fixed a basic pipe problem, you probably spent an hour or more hunched under your bathroom or kitchen sink. You turned off the water, drained the sludge-filled water into a bucket, and made the repair.

This experience was probably unpleasant, so you hope to avoid it in the future. Even if you've never participated in a plumbing repair first-hand, you can imagine the putrid smells and gross water that accompany them.

Multiply those problems and you begin to understand the frustration you'll experience when a plumbing problems occurs deep inside your pipe or sewer lines. The trouble spot is hard to access, so it can be equally difficult to find and repair. Luckily, plumbing technology offers a solution for these difficult cases: video camera pipe inspection.

The Basics of Video Camera Pipe Inspection

Video camera pipe inspection allows professional plumbers such as Alberta Water Services to identify trouble spots in hard-to-access pipe locations. This non-destructive testing method helps plumbers diagnose problems and recommend repairs.

Where It Works

Video camera pipe inspection works for most pipes, but works especially well in the following types:

  • Underground pipes. Video camera pipe inspection makes it possible to examine underground pipes without digging up the soil and landscaping surrounding them.

  • Small sewer lines. Size makes these pipes tricky to inspect, but flexible pipe inspection cameras enter them easily and examine their full length.

  • Household connection pipes. These pipes usually lie behind walls or beneath floors. A plumber uses a pipe inspection camera to peek inside these pipes and recommend repairs without harming other parts of your house.

How It Works

Pipe inspection cameras have features that allow them to work even inside a pipe or sewer line's damp conditions. The cameras are waterproof, and many are wireless so they can record the view inside the pipe and transmit it to the plumber instantly. Durable, powerful lights illuminate the camera's view. Some have heads that swivel so plumbers can focus on specific pipe areas.

Once inside the pipe, the inspection camera captures the conditions on video. Some systems even create digital maps of underground pipe networks. These give plumbers the full picture of where pipes lie in relation to each other so they can prevent mistakes and accidents.

Video camera pipe inspection identifies many pipe and sewer line problems, from corrosion and clogs to leaks and root invasion. This technology gives plumbers the information they need to recommend effective repairs that cause minimal disruption elsewhere.

Other Uses for Video Camera Pipe Inspection

Many people choose to have their pipes inspected with video cameras only after a problem reaches a crisis point. In those situations, video camera pipe inspection finds the problem quickly so plumbers can rectify it as soon as possible.

But you don't have to wait until a problem arises to use this technology. Ask a plumber from Alberta Water Services to perform video camera pipe inspection during routine maintenance. You can avoid the inconvenience of sudden plumbing disasters if you know about leaks and clogs in their early stages. When used for maintenance, video camera pipe inspection saves you money and stress in the future.

Choose Alberta Water Services

Video camera pipe inspection is an important advance in plumbing technology, and Alberta Water Services proudly offers this diagnosis method to our customers. It's part of the full-service plumbing and heating you depend on us to provide.

We have someone on call to help you 24 hours a day with video camera pipe inspection, so don't hesitate to contact us. Call 403-204-1444 for emergency plumbing help or routine maintenance.


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