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Septic Tank Spring Cleaning Time

Worker Assembling Suction Boom

The snow has melted and that means spring is here. The change of weather brings the annual task of thoroughly cleaning your household and business.

Spring cleaning goes beyond a simple sprucing up of surroundings by including inspection and maintenance. A rigorous survey of your home or workplace including your septic tank prevents unexpected emergencies after a long winter.

Cleaning your septic system on a regular basis is crucial to its preservation. This small-scale sewage system needs to be inspected, cleaned and pumped to ensure it functions the way it should.

What does maintenance of septic tanks entail?

At Alberta Water Services, maintenance of your septic tank includes a quick inspection, and pumping. It may also include repairs following a thorough examination of the condition of your septic system. If we discover there are items requiring immediate attention, we will provide a quote for the work.

Why should you do it?

There are many advantages to cleaning your septic tank as the weather gets warmer in Calgary.

Prevention: Cleaning a septic tank means pinpointing any potential issues or spotting problems that could lead to major disasters. A removal of solid objects and build-up will prevent clogging of the septic field, additional expenses and emergency repairs.

It is environmentally friendly: Periodic maintenance of your septic system means the removal of solids or non-biodegradable items. An accumulation of scum and sludge over years can lead to waste entering the water table and affecting the water supply.

Increased life expectancy: A septic tank can last for decades if it properly maintained. Good habits can extend your septic system’s life by preventing dangerous and expensive septic failures.

The changing of seasons can be hard on any septic system so the best time to check up on your septic tank as the snow melts and the rain showers appear. Scheduled maintenance of septic tanks is convenient, cost-effective and necessary for any business or home.

Alberta Water Services is available for all your septic tank cleaning, draining and pumping needs in Calgary. Our dedication to a steady water supply and clean drinking water is unmatched.

Serving clients in Calgary and surrounding areas, our team is able to accommodate clients and ensure inspection, maintenance and repairs of your water supply are upheld. To book an appointment with Alberta Water Services, please call 403-204-1444 or fill out our contact form to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff today!


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