Getting Great Drinking Water in Calgary is Easier than Ever!

Little girl drinking water | Portable Drinking Water in Calgary

It’s a good idea to have clean, portable drinking water at all times. You never know when you could have an emergency, and Calgary has seen its share of disastrous floods. While having clean drinking water won’t solve all of your problems, it will definitely make a disaster or an event much easier to handle.

Alberta Water Services is proud to provide the Calgary area with clean, portable drinking water. We’ll give you a dependable, sustainable supply of water all year round so that you can be prepared for anything.

Why You Need Clean, Portable Drinking Water in Calgary

You can use a portable water supply for a number of different applications in addition to emergency preparedness:

1. Residential Drinking Water

If you’re far away from or don’t have access to the regular Calgary water supply, our portable water may be the solution for you. You also want to have a water supply that you can always rely on. If anything happens to the city’s water supply, you’ll have drinking water to fall back on.

2. Water for Farms and Livestock

Having portable water is useful if you own a farm. You can easily take your water out to your livestock, and take assurance knowing no livestock or herbicides will contaminate it. Even if it does somehow become contaminated, we can easily fix that for you with a series of concentrated shocks.

3. Water for Public Events

If you’re going to host outdoor concerts, festivals, or other activities, you’ll need portable drinking water to keep your guests happy.

Need Drinking Water in Calgary? Contact Us!

If you’d like clean, portable drinking water for your home or event, Alberta Water Services is happy to help. We provide a variety of storage options—like portable tanks and cisterns—and guarantee fast, friendly, and reliable service. Call us at 403-204-1444 to learn more today!