Seasonal Water Delivery for Calgary Made Simple

Year-Round Water Delivery and Water Hauling in Calgary
As the season change, so do your water requirements. The need for consistent water delivery is on the rise. With the economy improving, farming and construction are in greater demand, and homeowners are looking to improve their property. Whatever your needs may be, Alberta Water Services offers water hauling and delivery in Calgary for all your year-round needs, including compaction and dust control during the hot, dry summer months and landscape, tree and sod watering during the spring planting season and fresh, clean water for pond and waterfall fills.

Water Delivery and Hauling in Calgary for

Compaction and Dust Control
We have two trucks available for compaction and dust control, landscaping and plant watering, and other purposes. Both trucks have 100 barrel tanks (or 3,000 gallons.) One truck is potable and the other is considered “dirty”, meaning it can pump from fire hydrants, reservoirs, rivers, lake, etc. Both trucks are equipped with spray bars and water cannons to provide both mass spray and specific area spraying capabilities. All trucks have various sized and types of hoses and nozzles.

If you are looking for a reliable method of transporting water to your crops, livestock, or trees, look no further. All of our trucks are equipped with a variety of hoses and nozzles that can accommodate any water delivery you might need. We have years of experience working with agriculture and livestock. To learn about all of the options available, you can contact our office for a full description of services.

Pond and Waterfall Fills
Many homeowners are now choosing water features in their landscaping plans. And for that reason, we provide pond and waterfall fills in an efficient manner. The quality and care we put into our work is demonstrated by how effectively—and how delicately—we provide water delivery in Calgary. We have various sizes and weights of trucks available to fill your pond and waterfall requirements. If asphalt or cement is a concern, our single axle truck is your best bet, or we have large amounts of hoses to meet your specific needs. If large quantities of water are required and surface driving conditions are not a factor, our tandem axle trucks can provide up to 2,500 gallons of water per delivery.

Bookings are available from as little as one hour, or on a weekly or monthly basis. Corporate billing and credit accounts are welcome, based on approved credit. Contact us to learn more.