Calgary Water Delivery & Water Hauling for Every Season

It’s a fact: many seasonal projects require a lot of water. Whether you are preparing a construction site, increasing your water load for thirsty crops and livestock, or updating your property’s water feature, our Calgary water hauling and delivery services make the process easy.

Focus on your project; Alberta Water Services will take care of the minor details to keep it running.

Request our services for any of the following seasonal projects:

Compaction and Dust Control (Construction, Landscaping, etc.)

If you are a construction worker or landscaper, you know the importance of compacting the soil you work with. Whether you need to support a building or walkway or install a patio, we provide the soil-compacting services you need. Each of our trucks contains 3000 gallons of water, along with spray bars for mass spray and water cannons for spraying a specific area.

Increased Watering (Farming)

If you need water delivery to your crops or livestock, we can provide trucks with a myriad of different hoses and nozzles for rapid water release. This is particularly important during the dry season, when it’s hard to keep up with the water needs of your property.

Filling of Water Features (Ponds, Waterfalls, etc.)

Enhance the beauty and value of your property with a gorgeous pond, waterfall, or other water feature. Alberta Water Services can make filling your water feature a breeze with our Calgary water delivery and water hauling services. We have many sizes and weights of trucks to fit your volume requirements, including tandem axle trucks able to hold up to 2500 gallons of water.

Get Started on Your Seasonal Project

Alberta Water Services is ready and waiting for your call! Call us at 403-204-1444 and get the water you need when you need it.