Reliable Recreational Water Solutions in Calgary

No matter what time of year it is, recreational water solutions are necessary to keep up with the changing climate. Alberta Water Services is here to make sure you have the opportunity to enjoy fun and healthy activities like swimming, hot tubing, and ice skating. Each of these activities has unique characteristics that require special attention, and we have the experience necessary to handle them all.

Calgary Water Services for Swimming Pools
Everyone in Calgary knows how short summer is. But when it does get warm, it is nice to have your swimming pool ready for use. So, during the summer, think of Alberta Water Services when it’s time to fill the swimming pool. We provide potable “City” water for our customer’s indoor and outdoor pool. As our water is considered potable, it is delivered already chlorinated to a small degree. Our water trucks carry 2,500 gallons at legal carrying capacity and take approximately 20 minutes to unload water completely, providing our customers with a very quick method of using their swimming pools. In just a few hours, you can say goodbye to winter and hello to summer swimming. Hard-to-reach indoor pools are not a problem either. We carry hoses that help us reach just about anywhere. And when that winter weather comes back, we can drain your pool as well.

Calgary Water Services for Ice Skating Rinks
During the winter months, ice skating is a fun and healthful pastime for the whole family and you can count on Alberta Water Services to flood your skating rink in preparation for the season. Skating rinks can be built many ways, from building up dirt boundaries to using 2x4‘s as ledges. As long as there is a strong surface to hold water in, a rink can be built. The MOST important factor in building a skating rink is to build on level ground, as of course the water will flow to the lowest areas first. Many of our customers use tarps and liners to hold the water above ground level; however, we have found the customers who build without liners have a better quality of ice that lasts longer throughout the Chinooks.

Rink Maintenance
Depending on the size of the skating rink and if a liner is used, it takes on average approximately five truckloads of water to build a nice layer of ice. If a liner is not used, it takes approximately eight truckloads, as the first three loads will sink into the ground. If a liner is used and it is a warm winter, we usually will be called in the later months to bring one or two more loads as the ice has melted and water has run off or evaporated with the warm temperatures. If a liner is not used, the rinks usually last well into early spring with no need for top-ups. To learn more, or to book a skating rink flood, please contact our office.

Calgary Water Services for Hot Tubs and Spa
Everybody enjoys a hot tub any month of the year, so we also deliver clean water for your hot tub or spa pleasure. Our trucks carry on average 50 feet of hose; however, longer amounts are available upon request. Please inform office staff at time of booking the approximate amount of hose required. Length required will vary based on location of spa (whether indoors or outdoors), as well as how close the water truck can get to the spa location.

If you have any more questions on our recreational water solutions in Calgary, just give us a call.