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  • Stream of water from a faucet in winter
    Winter Water Conservation Tips

    We’re generally concerned with water conservation in the summer, where our pools, gardens and lawns seem to suck that H2O up in massive quantities. Water conservation, however, is a discussion worth having year-round, even in the coldest months of winter, when we seemingly think less about it.

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  • Prevention of frozen pipes in Calgary Alberta
    Preventing Frozen Pipes

    The deep colds of winter can often prove very hard on your home’s water pipes. Being properly prepared and having solid information can help you avoid issues with frozen pipes, issues that can be costly, and cause severe damages to your home and plumbing system.

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  • water supply services in Calgary
    Irrigation Systems: Pros and Cons

    Whether you’re growing crops or maintaining a landscape, there are a number of irrigation solutions in Calgary and its surrounding areas that you can utilize to achieve the desired result. Each method has conditions it’s best suited for, as well as more general benefits and shortcomings. No matter which irrigation system is right for you, Alberta Water Services has got you covered. Our water supply solutions can help your Calgary area farm or lawn thrive. Here are the three basic types of irrigation our water delivery services can aid you with implementing.

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  • Dusty work space
    5 Tips for Dust Control on Construction Sites

    Dust control on your construction site is more than a nice-to-have. Preventing dirt from whipping around the area and burdening the surrounding community is a certain way to position yourself as a company that’s more hireable. After all, no one wants to deal with an enterprise that allows dust to cake the entire neighbourhood. What’s more is, dust can damage your equipment, including phones and computers. Alberta Water Services can help by providing dust control services in Calgary—and other nearby areas—that keeps dirt contained. But the most effective dust control services / management requires more than just one approach. A combination of two or more of the following five suggestions will provide you the best all-around strategy.

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  • Keeping Water Clean: Water Concerns for Farmers

    You already know water is essential for your farming practices. But are you aware of specific environmental concerns in Canada that could impact your clean water?

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  • From Skates to the Stampede: Water by the Numbers at Sporting and Cultural Events

    You know Niagara Falls as one of North America's most well-known natural wonders. The falls earn their fame because of the astounding amount of water that flows over this waterfall.

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  • Potable Water for When There Is Not a Drop to Spare

    Did you know the longest a human can survive without water is only 3 days? And this length of time shortens under harsh conditions – and no, we aren’t just talking about getting stranded in the Sahara.

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  • The Benefits of Video Camera Pipe Inspection for Plumbing Problems

    If you've ever fixed a basic pipe problem, you probably spent an hour or more hunched under your bathroom or kitchen sink. You turned off the water, drained the sludge-filled water into a bucket, and made the repair.

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  • 6 Steps to Keep Your Septic Tank Running Like New

    Septic tanks that don't receive regular maintenance can result in a variety of problems. These problems may include water contamination, frequent part repairs or replacements, or a broken septic tank. To prevent complications, keep up-to-date on your septic tank maintenance.

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  • Worker Assembling Suction Boom
    Septic Tank Spring Cleaning Time

    The snow has melted and that means spring is here. The change of weather brings the annual task of thoroughly cleaning your household and business.

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  • Drain camera in Calgary
    Trust Our Drain Camera Technology for Pipe Inspections in Calgary

    Alberta Water Services is proud to offer video camera inspection for pipes and drains in Calgary and surrounding rural areas. Our drain camera is a comprehensive and indispensable tool that is able to identify a multitude of problems that affect and damage your plumbing.

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  • 4 Famous Water Landmarks You Can Emulate

    From glaciers to mountain streams to ocean waves, water adds power and drama all around the world.

    But water's ability to evoke emotion extends beyond natural settings. Man-made water features also draw on the power of water to set the mood. Ponds create a peaceful atmosphere for contemplation. Waterfalls generate soothing background noise or dramatic drops. Fountains bring beauty, class, and a sense of history.

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  • drinking clean water in winter
    How to Avoid Winter-Related Water Woes

    Winter is just around the corner in Calgary, and the cold season here is definitely not for the faint of heart. As the last leaves fall to the ground, year after year, local residents begin to prepare their homes, vehicles and yards for the harsh months ahead.

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  • drinking water Calgary
    4 Water Solutions to Keep Drinking Water Safe in Calgary

    Keeping Calgary’s drinking water clean and safe is everyone’s responsibility, even yours. It’s easy enough; you just need to keep these four water solutions in mind.

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